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Ever wonder what colostrum really is? If we collect the colostrum, what about the calf’s needs? These, among other frequently asked questions are all answered. Have a question of your own for one of our experts? Submit your questions to


1) What is colostrum?

Colostrum is the first milk that all mammals produce when they give birth. It is a complex liquid that nature designed specifically for the unique needs of the newborn. It cannot be made artificially or by using man made formulas.

2) What are the key ingredients in colostrum?

Colostrum may be described as nature’s super milk. It is intended to provide the newborn with ingredients that are critical for survival during the most vulnerable time of their life. Colostrum is high in immune factors, growth factors, vitamins, minerals and protein and its benefits can be applied to any species at any life stage.

3) Where is the colostrum sourced?

We collect our colostrum from dairies across Canada that are licensed to produce milk for human consumption.

4) What about the calf?

Calf health is the reason we have developed our colostrum replacers. Unlike humans, a calf’s only source of immunity is from colostrum. When a calf is born, the dairy farmer ensures that it receives enough colostrum from the cow; however, the cow will produce approximately 20 litres of colostrum, while the calf can only ingest approximately 2 – 4 litres. The rest is often discarded; we provide a need for the excess colostrum.

5) Where are SCCL’s products made?

Every gram of powder is manufactured at our facility in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

6) Where can I buy SCCL’s products?

To find out where to purchase our products please contact us and we will be happy to help you out. We have various distributors throughout the world and can connect you to the one most convenient to your location and needs.

7) Is bovine colostrum safe?

Our colostrum is collected from Canadian dairy farms which are regulated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). It is tested from the beginning for potency, then during processing and throughout the manufacturing and packaging process. Through strict controls and adherence to GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) our products are continually checked for potency and safety. Our manufacturing facility is licenced and regulated as Veterinary Biologics product manufacturer by the CFIA.

8) What Side Effects May Occur From Colostrum?

Colostrum has no known drug interactions or toxicity levels and can be consumed by most mammals without any side effects. Colostrum is not recommended for mammals that are lactose (milk sugar) intolerant or hypersensitive (allergic) to milk proteins.

9) Who regulates SCCL’s products?

Our manufacturing facility is regulated as a Veterinary Biologics Manufacturing Facility by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s Canadian Centre for Veterinary Biologics (CFIA-CCVB). In addition, all of our calf, lamb and kid, and companion animal products are regulated as Veterinary Biologics in Canada by CFIA-CCVB and our calf products are regulated as Veterinary Biologics in the US by the USDA. Our natural health products for people are registered with Health Canada and we have received Natural Product Numbers for them. In addition, we are GMP certified by Health Canada.
Our facility is inspected by the CFIA annually, as well as by USDA and NASC (the National Animal Supplement Council).

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