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Dr. Anna Catharina Berge owner of Berge Veterinary Consulting BVBA provide expertise in many areas including epidemiology, bacteriology, clinical trials, food animal health and welfare, preweaned calf and heifer rearing, biosecurity, antimicrobial resistance as well as methods to minimize antimicrobial use and non-antimicrobial methods to address disease challenges in the herd. Dr. Berge’s mission is to improve animal welfare and health, while protecting public health. She is equally competent to work on national and industrial level as on farm level.

As a Swedish veterinarian and epidemiologist with focus on preventive veterinary medicine, she has broad experience ranging from large animal practice, veterinary animal and public health legislation, public health, scientific research and direct practical work on farms. Dr. Berge’s has worked in veterinary policy and legislation in Sweden and at the European Commission covering areas ranging from animal disease control in trade, BSE, residue and drug control to Salmonella control and product traceability. Dr. Berge spent 10 years in the United States performing research on Salmonella, Escherichia coli and antimicrobial resistance and ways to reduce antimicrobial use in pre-weaned calves. She has retained her academic connections in Europe as a scientific advisor at the Ghent University in Belgium and is actively involved in research and publishing in peer-review press.

Cat has special focus and interest in the preweaned calf and heifer rearing. She is keenly interested in nutritional approaches to improve productivity and health. In her doctoral research she performed clinical trials using nutritional supplementation with SCCL colostrum to pre-weaned calves and found that the colostrum supplementation the first two weeks of life to the calves could reduce diarrheal disease by 30%.  Dr Berge has developed a calf audit tool and is currently conducting calf health audits and multi-day workshops in Europe and Russia, where people get both theoretical and practical training on all the secrets to achieving optimal productivity and health in pre-weaned calves.


Berge Veterinary Consulting, BVBA

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1570 Vollezele, Belgium.

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Veterinary Epidemiology Unit

Department of Reproduction, Obstetrics and Herd Health

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Ghent University

Salisburylaan 133, 9820 Merelbeke, Belgium





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