Why Choose SCCL's Colostrum Replacers For Your Calves?

“SCCL’s colostrum products are developed by veterinarians, so you can be confident in recommending them to your clients for long-term health and performance of calves.”


  • all products are made from high quality natural bovine dried colostrum
  • products are high in immunoglobulins to achieve successful passive transfer of immunity
  • contain natural levels of colostral fat, providing essential energy needed by newborn calves
  • simply add hot water, mix, and feed



  • tested in calves for over 21 years, proving that it is effective and safe
  • every batch is heat-treated and tested to ensure that it is free of disease-causing organisms including Mycobacterium avium ss.  paratuberculosis (the cause of Johne’s disease), Salmonella spp., E. coli, Mycoplasma bovis and Listeria monocytogenes
  • approved by the CFIA; each package is traceable back to its donor cows
  • regulated by the CFIA, USDA, SAGARPA and other recognized regulatory agencies
  • colostrum is pooled from thousands of dairy cows, ensuring a broad range of antibodies


Indications for use

  • stop the transmission of infectious diseases found in herd colostrum
  • when the quality or quantity of maternal colostrum is insufficient
  • to ensure high risk or high value calves get high quality colostrum fast

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